Inquirer’s Class

From their beginnings in 1708, the Brethren have emphasized the importance of community and the church as a family. We often address one another as “brother” or “sister.” Accordingly, emphasis is placed on the importance of a covenant we make with one another to live in love and community through membership in the church body.

For some, this commitment begins with baptism. While we dedicate infants, the Brethren practice Believer’s baptism, which means one makes the personal choice to be baptized in response to Christ’s call on one’s life. Persons can be received into the community of the church through baptism, through transfer of membership from another church, or through an act of rededication.

In all cases, individuals are asked to participate in what we call Inquirer’s Classes in preparation for baptism and church membership. These classes meet with the Pastor as needed and focus on what it means to follow Jesus, live as a part of the Kingdom of God, and the beliefs and practices of the Church of the Brethren. The classes are also open to those who want to refresh their understanding of the Christian faith and the Brethren but are not sure about church membership. The Pastor will announce when these classes will be held.

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