MEGA Sports Camp

MEGA Sports Camp takes place in the evenings during the third week of June. It is a modified VBS for children who want to learn more about sports and Jesus at the same time. Children who are 6 years old through (finished) sixth grade are invited to join MEGA Sports Camp. Children register for a sport they would like to play (sports change each year), then spend the week learning the basics skills and techniques. There are huddle times for each group to relate our “MEGA Point” of the day to their lives. A snack is made by our cooking group, which is enjoyed during our HALFTIME. During halftime, the children learn about a sports figure who has endured our “MEGA Point” for the day. The children play their sport and then reconvene for our closing where a Bible story is taught related to our “MEGA Point.”

Preregistration is encouraged.  Please contact the Church Office for more details.


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