Chronicles of the Kings

Good worship.  Welcoming in the stranger.  Seeking to build peace among God’s people.  I suppose this could be a list of ideals for which we at Spring Creek are striving.  However, these are also some of the themes of the books of 1 & 2 Chronicles. Originally one composition, Chronicles is an often neglected book of our Old Testament.  It retells familiar stories from Samuel and Kings, begins with nine chapters of genealogy and ends somewhat incompletely. All of this tends to make it a somewhat forgotten book.  

The book of Chronicles actually plays an important transitional role between the Old Testament and the New.  In the Hebrew Bible (what we often call the “Old Testament”) Chronicles actually comes at the end. It’s a book which retells the story of God’s people from Adam to the Exile.  Written years after the return from Exile, the Chronicler (not a character from Batman) wants to look back at the Nation of Judah and see how the people of Israel might live faithfully on the other side of Exile.  We see themes of the importance of proper worship centered around the Temple. We see an expanded view of the people of Israel as new names are added to the genealogies, foreigners are blessed by God, and all Israel is invited to come and worship at Passover.  We also see a movement towards Christ’s ethic of non-violence. This is highlighted by the significance of Solomon (whose name means “Man of Peace/Shalom”).


Beginning in January I would like to invite you to read 1 & 2 Chronicles along with me.  Through January and February we’ll be reading 8-10 chapters a week. Our sermons will cover themes or lessons found in those chapters for the week.  Along with our learning we’ll have blog posts regarding some extra insights into the text and world of Chronicles. This is a great opportunity to dig into the Bible together and to learn as a community.

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