Mission and Vision

Here at Spring Creek we seek to be a community of faith which is “Growing, Sharing, Serving: Connected by Jesus.”

20/20 Vision

It’s the one year where we can actually use this theme, so we might as well take advantage.

Growing, Sharing, Serving: Connected by Jesus.

This vision statement was developed by the Church Board at the end of 2019 after receiving input from many groups and individuals within the congregation.  We looked at our strengths, growing points, our mission and values.  There has been a lot of information and input to process, but taking that input into consideration, the Board looked at developing a vision statement to help define both who we are and what we are becoming.

Growing in Faith

One of the things that is apparent is that we believe growing in our faith in Jesus is a critical part of our life and purpose as a congregation.  Whether we call that discipleship or faith formation, we believe our faith in Jesus is a process of continual growth.  We believe growing in faith is something to be fostered by the community of faith, not just for our young people, but for everyone in a growing relationship with Christ.  Faith formation is something we have been doing, and also something for which we can continue to strive.

Sharing in Hope

As people who strive to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior, we believe in sharing the hope we have in Jesus with others.  We believe the Kingdom of Heaven has come near and that we are called to live as citizens of the Kingdom now, praying, hoping and enacting the Kingdom as we can, always knowing the Kingdom will come in its fullness when Christ returns.  In the meantime we share the Hope of Jesus for lives changed, systems redeemed and for glimpses of God’s Kingdom come on earth as in Heaven.

Serving in Love

Our faith and our hope are not just words and nice thoughts.  They are something to be lived out.  Our faith calls us to Love God and Love Others.  Our Hope can be demonstrated in tangible ways of serving the lost and least.  As we have experienced the love of God, we try to show that love to others.

Connected by Jesus

Jesus is the center of all we believe and how we act in the world.  We believe that we are connected to God through Jesus who has come to humanity’s rescue.  We believe we are connected to one another as the Body of Christ.  We believe God’s primary way of now acting in the world, expressing God’s love and redemption, is through the church.  Therefore, we invite others to connect with Jesus and connect with the Body of Christ gathered at Spring Creek.

Growing, Sharing, Serving: Connected by Jesus.

Who we are.  And who we are becoming.

As we continue to discern what this means for our life together, I would ask you to be in prayer with the Board, staff and one another.  If you would like to pray along with us, you can pick up a prayer card in the Gathering Area.  It has suggestions for how you may be in prayer for our family at Spring Creek each day of the week.

As we Grow, Share, and Serve together, may we continue to put Jesus at the center of everything we believe and do.

Blessings, Pastor Adam

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