Faith and Practice

As a community of believers:

  • Our faith is founded on the belief in one God who is a personal Father and who, in holy love, creates, sustains, and orders all.
  • We confess Jesus Christ as the Son of God, Lord of all life and Savior of the world, by whose sacrificial death on the cross and resurrection we have eternal life.
  • We believe the Holy Spirit is at work transforming the believer by giving guidance, instruction, and uniting believers with the Lord and with one another.
  • We accept the Bible as Holy Scripture and divinely inspired Word of God and the New Testament as our standard of faith and practice.

We seek to be faithful disciples of Jesus as we:

  • Communicate the Gospel by words and deeds.
  • Strive toward a Christian lifestyle of simplicity, personal devotion, discipline and non-conformity, seeking to demonstrate a life transformed to the will of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.
  • Lead a life of moderation in those things that are helpful and abstinence from those that are harmful or degrading.
  • Maintain integrity of speech and truth telling; refrain from taking oaths.
  • Care for the sanctity of all human life.
  • Foster a non-violent, peaceful approach to addressing conflict; and promote solutions which lead to forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • Settle disputes within the context of Christian principles rather than courts of law.
  • Uphold and promote the Christian understanding of marriage and family.
  • Practice faithful worship attendance.
  • Commit our spiritual gifts to service and for the building up of the Body of Christ.
  • Commit our resources to Christian stewardship.

We give expression to our faith through the ordinances practiced by the church:

  • Baptism of believers by trine immersion.
  • Observance of Communion, Feetwashing, and Love Feast.
  • Anointing of persons who are sick or have spiritual needs.
  • Laying on of hands, symbolizing the conveying of the Holy Spirit in baptism, anointing, ordination and installation, and consecration of individuals for special service and ministry.

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