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Who We Are

Welcoming, Worshiping, Growing, Sharing, and Serving- Together for Christ

Who are we?

Disciples of Jesus Christ...

As disciples, we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, enter into a loving relationship with Him, and are called by Him to: deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow him; hold fast to his teaching; strive to continue His work, bearing fruit for the glory of God.

As disciples of Jesus Christ we are blessed with: Empowerment by God through the Holy Spirit to do what we are called to do; Spiritual Knowledge (wisdom) in God’s ways; Spiritual Light (power) to overcome the darkness in our lives and in the world; Guidance by God’s voice (vision) to know where we are to go; Assurance of our eternal salvation; a Divine Example in Jesus Christ for all things.

What do we do?

...share God’s love.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we strive to continue to find new ways to fulfill the great commission in light of the Great Commandment. Through our genuineness, openness, and generosity, we worship, fellowship, and serve as Ambassadors for Christ.

How do we do it?


As disciples of Jesus Christ, we share God’s love by being faithful (true to our commitment to God), and in full faith (total trust and belief in God’s power, guidance and goodness to us).

Why do we do it?

Because we ourselves are disciples of Jesus Christ who have experienced God’s love in our lives.

It is through our faith in God that we believe sharing God’s love will plant the seeds in others to help open them to the Holy Spirit’s action in their lives so that they too will become disciples of Jesus Christ.