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Through the ministry of the church, we the members will strive to give expression to our faith by demonstrating in our lives a commitment to the Lord, to the local body of believers, to the community, and to people around the world. Ways in which that may be observed are as follows:

  1. THROUGH THE ORDINANCES PRACTICED BY THE CHURCH which are spiritual experiences and channels of power essential to growth and development of the Christian. These include:
    Baptism of believers by trine immersion.Romans 6:4
    Matthew 3:16
    Mark 16:16
    Observance of the Lovefeast, Feetwashing and Communion.John 13:2-15
    Matt. 26:26-28
    I Cor. 11:26
    Anointing of persons who are sick or who have spiritual needs.James 5:13-16
    Mark 6:13
    The laying on of hands symbolizing the conveying of the Holy Spirit in baptism, anointing, ordination, and installation and consecration of individuals for special ministries.Acts 8:17
    I Timothy 4:14
    Acts 19:6
  2. THROUGH THE PRACTICES OF THE BELIEVER in obedience to the Word of God which are essential to faithful discipleship. These include:
    Striving toward a Christian lifestyle of simplicity, personal devotion, discipline, and non-conformity which implies a rejection of certain activities but in reality is a positive message that the Christian believer must demonstrate in a life transformed to the will of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.Matthew 6:31-34
    Titus 2:7,12
    Romans 12:2
    Upholding and promoting the sacredness of Christian marriage and the home.Mark 10:9
    Caring for the sanctity of all human life.Matthew 5:21
    Leading a life of temperance which calls for the moderation of those things that are helpful and beneficial to myself and others, and total abstinence from those things that are harmful and degrading.I Cor. 8
    Titus 2:2
    Gal. 5:22-23
    Ephesians 5:18
    Maintaining integrity of speech which means the simple truth needs no embellishment or taking oaths.Matthew 5:33-37
    James 5:12
    Fostering use of the non-violent peaceful approach in addressing problems in the family, society, and the world; seeking solutions through love of friends and enemies that leads to forgiveness and reconciliation.Romans 12:19-21
    Matthew 5:21-26
    Matthew 18
    Settling disputes within the context of Christian principles rather than courts of law.I Cor. 6:1-9
    Matthew 5:25-26
    Attending worship faithfully.Matthew 18:20
    Hebrews 10:25
    Committing one's resources to Christian stewardship.I Cor. 16:2
    Romans 14:12
    Communicating the Gospel by word and deed.Acts 1:8
    John 20:21
    Responding positively to the total ministry of the church as the Lord leads each person to commit his/her gifts to service for the common good and the upbuilding of the Body.Romans 12:4-8
    I Cor. 12:4-7
    Matthew 25:14-30