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Sunday School

Sunday School (9:45 AM) is sandwiched in between our two worship services, providing an opportunity for people who attending either service to together attend Sunday School. With classes for people of different interests or of various ages, we trust that people can find a class that fits their needs.


Our children’s Sunday School classes begin with some musical time, followed by a lesson, and then a craft or activity time is next, during which children can socialize and get to know each other while getting to know Jesus.


Through discussion, visuals, and time together, the youth draw closer to each other in relationship and closer to Christ.  The youth are using curriculum from Simply Youth Ministry.  


We hope that you will join us for Sunday School and be a part of our educational emphasis.  Please check the bulletin for the meeting location of each class. All of these classes vary with age or subject material, but are found to be captivating, insightful, relational, and missional to many who attend. We hope that you will join us for Sunday School and be a part of our educational emphasis.


This group started a new study titled, "A Spiritual Formation Workbook- Revised Edition: Small Group Resources for Nurturing Christian Growth," by Bryan James Smith and Richard J. Foster. This class meets in Room 100.


The Carpenter's Class is participating in a Bible study on Vertical Church written by James MacDonald. James writes "Church was never intended to be a place where we serve God to the exclusion of meeting with Him. The Christian life should involve so much more than horizontal relationships and a weak, intellectual assent that God is real and may or may not have a place in the world. We can't survive spiritually without a corporate connection in heart, sould, mind, and strength with the One who made us. That's what I mean by vertical. A vertical focus positions a church to experience God's presence and to show the world what it means to serve a God of Awe-inspiring power and glory." The class invites you to share in this learning experience.


The Discoverers class is working on a study called "Spiritual Simplicity: Doing Less, Living More," by Chip Ingram.


This group is studying A Guide for Biblical Studies: First Things.


Each spring and fall, and any additional time deemed necessary, this class is offered for the bringing in of new members, either through transfer or baptism. The class is conversational is structure, aiming to clarify the meaning behind a decision in baptism or covenant for Christ.