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One of the frequently heard adages of the Church of the Brethren is Continuing the Work of Jesus: Peacefully, Simply, Together. While this isn’t the space for the first two, the togetherness aspect of this line is something that is vital to life at Spring Creek. To summarize fellowship seems defeatist, but I will continue on! Each Sunday Morning after Contemporary Service as well as after Sunday School (thus before Traditional Service), refreshments are served in the gathering area, providing the space and the opportunity for all people to gathering and fellowship. People definitely are not shy in having conversation during this time. Fellowship is an important part of the Sunday School program at Spring Creek because each class thrives on the connective energy of the participants. Worship, no matter the service time or worship style, is informed by the fellowship of each person in attendance. Without each other, where is the body of Christ? The Small Groups program, too, offers specific interest or age connections that allow for non-coercive relationships beyond the box of meeting in a church. People can enjoy each other’s company and the activities or studies in which they are involved.

Wednesday Night Alive is one of the frequently attended activities by the whole church, as it strives to be a beacon for all to see or join.

Twice a year we have a service called Love Feast, where we reenact the washing of feet of Jesus and his disciples, then share a simple meal, and communion. During this time, it is obvious that the fellowship is not just with each other, but with the Spirit of our amazing God.

During certain seasons of the year, other special services or activities are scheduled. One such activity is the All Church Christmas celebration, where people eat, talk, decorate the Christmas tree, sing songs, and praise God in the process!

Our fellowship will not be complete without you! Please do not hesitate to fellowship with us!