1 Chron. 10-20 Learning and Questions

One way we can be learning and growing together is to share our insights or questions with one another for further discussion.  Feel free to comment below about questions or insights you’ve seen as you’ve been reading this week.

Let me start:

One thing I have underlined in my Bible is 1 Chronicles 10:13, “So Saul died for his unfaithfulness.”  This is how kings are evaluated in Chronicles; by their faithfulness.  Not on tax policies, size of military, border security or any of that.  Faithfulness.  Saul’s unfaithfulness is further highlighted in chapter 13 when David goes to bring the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 13:3).

One question I’ve been wrestling with this week from this text is God bursting out against Uzzah.  I’ve got to be honest and say this is somewhat unresolved for me.  I’ll comment on Sunday about why I think the Chronicler wants to say with this story.  But here are some things I’ve been thinking about:

  • God’s holiness and worship of God is not to be taken lightly
  • Humanity’s view of God is in a process of growth.  Here the Chronicler still understands a God who punishes with wrath. (This insight is up for debate)
  • I keep picturing the Nazi archaeologist from Indian Jones “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”
  • Darn oxen – should have had that cart tied down tight

What about you?  What are you learning or what questions do you have?

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